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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Growing up:)

Now that Raquel is a whole year old, there have been many changes in her life. She now drinks cows milk (whole milk, not the 3% that I told Dylan to get at the store- he was so confused:) from a cup, not a bottle, and she sits in a new carseat facing forward! Ain't life grand:)

Girls of Summer

Raquel's friend Ana Tyler gave her this dress for her birthday so they could match. The picture was taken a few days ago while Raquel was in serious need of a nap, so you can understand the less than thrilled facial expressions. But today there was no excuse for her behavior when she was scratching Ana in the nursery. I guess she has not learned yet to play well with others (Aunt Kristen does this bring back any repressed memories:).

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Birthday Morning

Yesterday was Raquel Ariana van Rensburg's first birthday.
Here are some visual snippets of the day's festivities.

Birthday Dinner

Raquel had a combined birthday dinner with her
Great-grandpa McClain. He turned 80 today (May 2nd).
Everyone came to Dad and Mom's for supper and
then they opened presents and had cake.

Raquel's most favorite things to play with are our
cell phones, so I made her cake in replica of them.

The birthday boy and girl:)

Raquel received many presents and was especially
interested in the bows and wrapping paper.

Cake Diving

Mmm Mmm Good