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Friday, April 30, 2010

Raquel turns four tomorrow!

A trip down memory lane...
May 1, 2006
Raquel joined our family
2007 Her first birthday - celebrated with Great-Grandpa McClain who turned 80 the next day.
2008 Picking her nose on her second birthday celebrated at the MTC in Missouri
2009 Ready to eat her two cakes last year as we celebrated her third birthday the week after we arrived in Asia-Pacific
Stay tuned for more birthday fun happening tomorrow (unless her brother decides to crash the party:)
We love you Raquel!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Gideon's Moses basket is all ready for him to make his appearance. (don't worry, we have a stand for the basket- he won't sleep on the floor:) Raquel did tell me that she thought he would be sleeping on the floor in her room. I nipped that rumor in the bud!

Raquel and Pak Paidi, the man who takes care of our lawn, washing our bike together. He comes to our house every Wed. and Rauqel loves following him around and 'helping' him:)

This is Raquel's new favorite outfit. She found these 24-36 month sized tights in her drawer the other day and paired them with the shirt and shoes seen below. We make her wear a skirt over the entire ensemble when she's in public.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Raquel all ready for a birthday party for her friend Arika (they were supposed to either wear pink or purple:)

She made a chicken mask at school:)

Raquel has been getting ready for Gideon's arrival. I had planned on putting all his clothes in the baskets, but when I came in the room, it was already done for me:)

We saw this important information at the dentists office and thought we should pass it along
Dylan preaching in chapel at school
Our good friends Logan and Kendra Teall just arrived here this week with their son Laken. We've enjoyed catching up with them, and being able to show them around town a little bit. (notice my lack of ankles - 9 days left!)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Selamat hari Paskah! Happy Easter!

We had a really nice first Easter in Asia-Pacific.
Lately we've been talking to Raquel about why we celebrate Easter. She likes hearing the story over and over again, and is always asking us about God. It's very interesting to hear her questions, she keeps trying to figure out if anything is bigger than God (like our house:) Today she told us that God really gave her a lot of teeth.

We started out our day at church at 7:30
the power went out in the middle of the service, but that didn't bother anyone:)

Raquel decorated an egg and joined in a hunt for chocolate coins in children's church. She won a prize for her egg pictured below:)

After church, our friends, the Svoboda's came over and we hid eggs for the girls to find. They did a great job:)

Then it was time for lunch. Ham, cheesy potatoes, deviled eggs, salad and mango pie for dessert. Delicious!
Happy Easter everyone-
He is Risen!

Dyeing eggs

On Friday, Raquel's friend Arika came over to play. We attempted to dye eggs with some food coloring that I had brought from the states. I found out that they actually do sell some (almost) white eggs here, so went to the market that morning and hunted some down.
The colors turned out really nice the first day, but then after I took them out of the refrigerator on Sunday, they started sweating and the color started to come off. They ended up looking more like tye dye eggs, which is still cool:)