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Sunday, December 30, 2012

There is much more of a Christian influence in this area than where we lived before.  It was fun that the stores were a lot more decorated for Christmas and we heard lots of Christmas music.

Raquel and her friend used part of a papaya tree for their pretend Christmas tree:)
No need for a fireplace when it's around 95 degrees every day, so we used a mirror...
Gideon loves to help me bake. I had been rolling out cookies and went to the kitchen for a little bit.  When I came back, I found Gideon here.  He had pulled up a little stool and was getting to work!
Some of the neighborhood kids came and frosted cookies (and eventually their faces) with us.

While they were busy decorating, we heard other kids screaming outside.  Everyone ran out to see what was happening and that's when I discovered a very interesting Christmas tradition. (from what I understand this comes from the Dutch)  Now, I have heard of parents in the States telling their kids they have to be good or Santa won't bring them presents, but this kicks that threat up a notch.  Here, parents can tell their kids that, if they don't behave, Sinter Pit will get them, and it doesn't have to be an empty threat.  Groups (usually from a nearby church) can be hired to come and give your kid a good scare.  The ones that I've seen go around in the back of a pickup truck blaring Christmas music.  There are a few guys painted pitch black (Sinter Pit) carrying a stick or a bag and they'll come to your house and take the specified child and carry them away.  It's all in good fun and they bring them right back and then Sinter Klaus (Santa) accompanied by a lady dressed like an angel will come off the truck and give them a present that the parents have provided beforehand.