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Thursday, May 3, 2012

and a two year old!

Gideon's birthday was a little more low key:)  The Teall's came over for cake and he got to open presents.   
 It took him a while to blow out the candle, but he finally got it:)
 He was very meticulous about opening his gift and put each scrap of paper on the table in front of him as he unwrapped it.
 It's Shaun the Sheep!  (We got a couple of Shaun the Sheep DVDs here and he has fallen in love with them and asks to watch constantly)
Raquel gave him a toy rhinoceros that she wrapped herself.

He will now say he's two if you ask how old he is, but will only put up one finger:)  I can't believe he's two already.  He was just the baby!
Happy Birthday Gideon!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

We have a six year old!

We had a fun day celebrating Raquel's birthday

Chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, and she got to open up one present- a bag of marbles (hours of entertainment for fifty cents:)
 We invited 5 friends (3 fellow mks and 2 girls from our church) over for supper and cake.  The day before I told one of the neighbor girls who Raquel really likes that she could come over at 6 with her brother to eat cake.
 They apparently spread the word, and we had around 25 extra kids show up.  We just cut the pieces small and there was plenty for everyone:) They all sang to her and then played with balloons for about half an hour.
 After the huge group left, she got to open fun presents.
 Then came the unveiling of the dollhouse!  Dylan and I spent Sunday and a sleepless Monday night building, painting and making furniture, but it was worth it:)  She was very happy with it, and Gideon likes to use the roof as a road for his cars.
Happy Birthday Raquel!  We love you and are so glad we get to watch you grow into such a big girl!