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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

We had a harvest/halloween/fall/reformation day party:) at our house tonight with a few other families.
All the kids dressed up.
Roman was Pascal, Rapunzel's gecko from Tangled.
Raquel was Rapunzel (after she got her hair cut:) and then poor Gideon didn't have much of a costume but we put a white diaper on him and he was supposed to be the little old cupid guy from Tangled.  Laken and Liam were Captain America and the Hulk.
The girls- Eden was also Rapunzel but pre-haircut:)
They had to try to toss coins through the pumpkin's face. 5 points for the mouth, 10 for the eyes and the amount for the nose was never quite determined, the suggestions varied from 20 to 1 million, but no one got it in anyways.
They drew pictures on popsicle sticks to make little puzzles.  Yes, that's Gideon coloring with a permanent marker.  Oops
Yummy treats
Lesley and Curtis were the only adults that dressed up.  They are bikers:)
A shot of most of the older kids actually all smiling
and then came the babies and Gideon who was not smiling

 they all went around the living room collecting candy in their baskets
 trick or treat!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

We are 'babysitting' the car of some of our coworkers who are in the capital city for 2 weeks doing paperwork.  Even though we live a little over half an hour from the beach, we don't make it out there very often.  Today we took advantage of having a vehicle with 4 wheels and had a beach day with the Teall's.  Lot's of fun in the sun! It was a good day:)