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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Raquel taped all those tubes together and made a boat. I guess she's sailing back to Asia-Pacific.
Grandpa and Gideon cheering on the Packers

Raquel reading to Lucy
I went to eat lunch with Raquel and read a story to her class last week. Here she and her friend are waiting for all the other kids who get hot lunch:)
Isn't he cute?:)

Pumpking Carving

The accessories were all Dylan's idea:)

Harvest Party

Raquel's class had a Harvest Party last month. Everyone dressed up and they had fun activities planned for all the kids.
I finished her costume the night before. She was Belle from Beauty and the Beast, complete with "glubs':) and a flower.
The whole class
decorating mugs
playing 'Pass the Pumpkin'
decorating pumpkin shaped cookies

McDonald's Play Place

Driving Raquel home from school the day she had her field trip to the pumpkin patch and apple orchard:)

Such a helpful big sister:)
Gideon's not a fan of the hat

Yes, Gideon is 5 months younger than Belle:)