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Monday, November 24, 2008

Sisters, Cousins, Second Cousins and First cousins once removed:)

Kristen, Mya, Allyssa, Isaac, Elijah and Zeke all came to visit us last weekend. We had a great time together. Raquel loved having all the kids around, and even did well sharing her toys! (miracles still happen:) Most of these pictures are from our two hour walk which helped release some pent up energy. (there's only so much room for 5 kids to run around in a 480 sq. ft. apartment:) The next day was much colder so we went to the gym and let them loose. During naps, and after the kids went to bed, Kristen, Allyssa and I got to talk and play countless games of Liver Pool Rummy and speed scrabble.

During all this, Dylan was mostly found in the woods, as gun hunting started that weekend. All his efforts paid off and he got a nice sized doe. He cut it up before I could get pictures, but we are enjoying the biltong that he made from it. Raquel even helped him hang it up to dry. (she likes to remind me of that daily:)

Movie madness!

It has happened, Raquel has become addicted to movies. From the time she wakes up in the morning she is asking to watch either "the chicken"(Chicken Run) "the baby" (Ice Age) "the easter one" (Veggie Tales Easter Carol) or "CinderBella" (yeah that's right, you got it:) Of course we do try to limit her time in front of the television, however all these pictures are of her watching something. Oh dear, fortunately she doesn't just sit glued to the movie, there is much dancing, singing, coloring and getting into general mischief going on during these times. But, I have to admit, sometimes it's really nice to have something to keep her occupied:)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Candy Fairy

On Thursday they had trick or treating at school. We got Raquel fairy wings at Wal - Mart, and I made her a skirt and wand. She had so much fun getting candy. As soon as she put the it in her bucket she would say "let's go to the next house!"

At the end she showed (and shared with) Daddy all the treats.