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Friday, March 16, 2012

Our house- before

It might be a while until I post 'after' pictures, but progress IS being made now.

Front- the yard is full of garbage and glass and we will be painting over the graffiti:)
Our kitchen- yep that's it for now. We bought a sink yesterday and hopefully within the next few days there will be pipes bringing water into the house.
Bathroom- this has all been knocked out now and soon will have a toilet that you can sit on and an area for a shower.
Our cute kids that will live with us in the house once those things are fixed:)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

In His time...

We are kind of antsy right now. Since arriving in our island ten days ago we have been living in a guest house. We have a house that we will be moving into but it doesn't have running water or a place to plug in things like say a refrigerator:) Many things have contributed to not much getting done to fix these issues in the last week. We've been very discouraged at times, but are reminded that God makes all things beautiful in His time. It's good rest on that FACT!

Here are a few pictures of one of the things that hindered us from working on the house this week- obtaining a driver's license. We were told that all we would have to do was go to the police station, get our picture taken, pay and receive our licenses - "ten minutes tops". So, at 9:00 on Monday morning Dylan and I with our three kids, Kendra and Logan with their two kids and our friend Billy all got into the car for our quick trip to the police station. Kendra and I went in first with Billy while Dylan and Logan waited in the car with the kids. It was then that we learned the rules had recently changed and we now needed to do a few more things. So began our morning of filling out an application, driving down the road to a clinic to get a letter of health, taking a written test for both motorbike and car, refilling out the test that we had done incorrectly and then having to do a practical test to top it all off! We were supposed to zig zag in between the line of cones without putting our feet down and then do figure eights. For the car I just had to drive in between two lines of cones and then reverse down the same line. Fortunately they passed us and we finally got our picture taken after 3 hours of being there. The poor guys in the car with all the kids then went in after us and we took the kids back to take naps. Dylan (who had a sinus infection and fever) and Logan finally got back at around 2 in the afternoon.

My zigging and zagging left a little to be desired.
The man standing in the picture told Kendra to 'use her hips' as he moved his hips back and forth.
We were discussing what mirrors are used for in this picture

The whole experience was pretty funny and definitely different from the DMV in the States:)