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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

All better! (and getting into EVERYTHING!:)

Good news - Raquel is finally over the nasty sickness that has been going around campus. Dylan was struck down on Saturday night but has now recovered, and I have thankfully managed to stay healthy - so far. Raquel is feeling so good in fact, that she decided to make herself a sandwich. AHhhh gross!

and empty her room into the living room:)

So we went outside where the Tylers were filling up their fun pool! - Raquel especially likes to take the bubble container and do her best to empty the pool of all water.

Nice diapers girls!

Thursday, September 13, 2007


5 is the number of times Raquel puked tonight
4 is the number of baths she's taken
3 is the number of crib sheets that need to be washed
2 is the number times I have changed my clothes from being puked on
1 crazy Dylan

I tried to post a video of this, but it does not seem to be working. I put the empty coke box over Dylan's head, but the hole was too small, and it got stuck. I thought it was really funny:)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Fun times at MTC

I found this little girl in the road and took her home with me:)

Raquel was 'surfing' on Dylan

Tonight Raquel and I went to watch Dylan play soccer. We all rode over to the field on the bike (it's about 3/4 of a mile away). On the way there we noticed that it was quite a bit cooler than it had been all day. During the hour that we watched it continued to get cooler (it was only 65, but we're used to at least 85), and then it started to drizzle. Fortunately we had an umbrella. Unfortunately the soccer players continued to play as it continued to rain. When they finally finished, much to the relief of the somewhat soggy spectators, we got back on the wet bike and headed home. I wish we had a video of what occured next - I will try to explain- the three of us were perched on the back of the dirt bike as the rain steadily came down. I was clinging to Raquel with one arm and to Dylan with the other while trying to also hold an umbrella over all of us. As we got going, the wind bent the umbrella back, so we stopped to fix it. As we started again I tried this time to angle the umbrella so the wind wouldn't bother it, but then it kept flapping over Dylan's eyes so he couldn't really see where we were going. Also, during this whole time I was laughing somewhat uncontrollably at our completely ridiculous situation, which didn't help my control of the umbrella. We finally stopped, put the umbrella away, faced the elements and then arrived home a little more wet and muddy than when we left.

Package Day

Yesterday I went to get our mail and discovered that it was Package Day! whoo hooo! Ouma and Oupa van Rensburg sent a whole box of nice new fall/winter clothes and this very cool purse! There was another box with treats from SA. Yum yum!

Also, there was this beautiful bedding set. Raquel really likes the fish on the blankets. She says, "fis fis and points to them"

We got a package from Grandma and Grandpa Blaubach too, with a fun new book. Thanks for all the loot guys!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Howdy Pardner!

Raquel has started to occasionally walk in this new and unusual way - kind of a cross between a monkey and a saddle-sore cowboy- Enjoy

New Arrivals

No it's not a sewing machine:) he he he (all Fiddler on the Roof fans should know what I mean:)

Dylan brought the motorcycle he had received from Craig to Missouri, but decided it would be more practical to have a dirt bike here. He sold the motorcycle on Saturday night and got this lovely bike here on Tuesday. You'll have to talk to him about what kind it is and all that fun stuff. I have started to learn to drive it in the afternoons while Raquel takes her nap. I'm not that great, but I'll keep practicing:)

And next we have these lovely additions to our little family. Unfortunately they are nameless. We were going to let Raquel name them, but she no speaka the English, and we've had a hard time discerning her wishes.

Uncle Evan and Aunt Carrie

Carrie and Evan came to visit over Labor Day weekend. They came on Thursday and left Mon. Raquel really enjoyed all the extra attention. She got a new book, and Carrie did her hair beautifully (as you can see in the picture:) Evan's brother BJ had just finished Marine boot camp (or whatever they call it) and was here to see his wife and son, so they were also able to spend some time with them. The boys got to play soccer, go shooting, fishing and swimming. We girls went shopping at the outlet mall:), and on Sunday we all went wakeboarding on the lake. Fun Fun