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Friday, July 8, 2011

I found some pictures from the last couple months...

Raquel "played" pee-wee soccer on Saturdays in May and June
She looked cute, but we soon realized that soccer isn't her passion
The weather didn't help matters. It started out cold and windy and never got much better. One day it was pouring rain and 50 degrees so I didn't have her play. The next week was nicer so I made her go. In the middle of the game she heard a plane overhead, stopped and yelled over to me "MOM, that was thunder, we need to go home because it's going to RAIN!"

Gideon was dedicated in June. He stayed still for about 2 seconds
Mom always orders a lamb cake with this verse for the dedications. It's Isaiah 40:41 He gently leads those that have young. When my dad went to pick it up, he saw they had switched the word "leads" with "leaves". Oops
playing piano with Jenna
Visiting with Joel, Christina and cousin Emily