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Thursday, September 24, 2009


This morning as Dylan (with Raquel riding on the front of his motorcycle) was stopped with his blinker on waiting to turn right into our driveway (that's like a left hand turn in the States) a guy on another motorcylce going too fast tried to pass them on the right. Instead of passing, he hit them knocking their bike over and went crashing down himself. Thankfully Dylan was able to hold onto Raquel as they went down and all she has is the road rash she proudly displays below. Dylan took the brunt of the fall and has several scratches and bruises all over especially his shoulder and knee. Praise the Lord there was no serious injury. There was an older man who saw the whole thing and stopped to give the man who hit them an earful. He defended
Dylan and loudly reminded the speeder that our road is not a racetrack. (People go way to fast down our road). We're so thankful that he was there as a witness and that he was on our side. God is good all the time!

No more hand-made clothes!!

(If you don't understand the title of this post, run don't walk to the nearest blockbuster and rent Fiddler on the Roof immediately. You'll be glad you did:)

I didn't even know these things actually worked, but since the beginning of August I've been learning the art of using a treadle sewing machine. Now that I've gotten the hang of it, it's really easy to use. Since it doesn't need electricity to run I was able to finish sewing some curtains late one night when our power went off for a few hours. I just strapped on a flashlight headlamp and continued sewing (No I don't have pictures of that:).

a beautiful butterfly:)

The bedskirt I made for our bed.
(I had the duvet cover made by a seamstress in town a while ago)

I made this the other night:) The pattern I found on line looked much cuter than this creature

but Raquel still loves it despite it's deformities. Maybe some clothes will help. Maybe not...

new schedule

Since Dylan is in a higher unit than me, his schedule has changed and now he has class in the afternoons while I still go in the mornings. So, he got to see what Raquel does in the mornings.

Waiting for the car to pick her up for school

have a fun day at school Raquel!

Back to the beach

A couple of weeks ago we finished another unit of school and had several days off so we decided to take advantage of them and head back to Pacitan (4 hours south of us) and enjoy some beach time. We went down with another org family from Germany who have a little girl six months older than Raquel and an almost two year old boy. We had a really nice and relaxing time. Dylan got to try out his new surfboard that he recently had made (thanks Philip and TirZah for the birthday money:) and thankfully it worked great!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mt. Telemoyo

Today Raquel was able to go with us as we drove up Mt. Telemoyo. We actually didn't go to the top because Dylan's bike was acting a little strange and he wants to get it serviced before we go up again. There is a road going up because there are telephone towers at the top. The air was so nice and cool and you can't beat the view!

We discovered that this must be a popular spot for dating couples. The bike behind Raquel belongs to one of the several smitten pairs we spotted:)