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Monday, January 3, 2011


My mom sent Raquel a science kit for Christmas and she's been having fun doing different experiments and learning about making different colors from red, blue and yellow.

She has a three week break from her school, so we've been spending lots of quality time together:)

Today we were running errands in town and she said "Mommy, when we are sweating, that's God. I asked if she meant that God made our bodies to sweat and she said, "Yes, our sweat comes out and that's God on us."

We went to a sewing store to buy some ribbon and she saw little packets of sequins and glitter and wanted to buy them all. I told her that we could think of a project to do and then come back another day and pick out a few things. As we were driving she was trying to decide what she wanted to make. We were stopped at a stop light and she pointed to a sign and said "that's what I want to make" it was a poster with a picture of a muslim lady who was running for office and Raquel wanted to make a head covering (a lot of times they're pretty fancy and sparkly:)

We were at another store and Raquel saw a type of candy she had never seen before. She wanted to buy it, but I said no and offered her some chocolate candy (like M&M's) that we already had. She sighed, took it and said, "I guess I'll just get diaweewa" (I had told her the other day that eating too much chocolate will make you sick:)

Life with her is always entertaining:)