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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The great lice debacle of June 2012

You can't tell from the picture but her head is laden with lice and eggs.  This was taken the day before Raquel ran in the house crying after bumping her head.  After I kissed her and hugged her, I jokingly pretended to inspect her head for the huge hole that had resulted from her fall.  Instead of a hole I found a tiny bug, and then another one, and another and another. . . 

Hindsight is always 20/20. I now know that when I had looked at her hair a week before that and said 'oh you have dirt in your hair, we need to wash it' what I was seeing was not dirt but indeed lice eggs stuck to her hair.  Yuck yuck yuck!
Look at all that hair everyone had!
We chopped Raquel's and my hair (there were a few in my hair since she and I shared a hairbrush - that's in the garbage now.  The boys really didn't have any lice, but we weren't taking any chances) and buzzed the boys.

Raquel sporting her short haircut smothered in mayonnaise in hopes it would also 
smother any lice left.

We bought a lice killing hair treatment that you leave on all night.  Dylan was very excited to take a picture:)
We stripped all the beds and washed everything we could (not as easy as it sounds with no dryer and no hot water going to our washing machine). Roman's pack and play was being disinfected so the little baldy happily spent the night in a trunk.
Over the next few days I spent a total of 8 hours with a headlamp picking hundreds of eggs out of Raquel's hair.  She was amazingly well behaved and still, watching movies and doing art projects while I worked.  We're assuming she got it from the neighbor kids that she plays with even though our neighbors would say otherwise.  A few days later we were next door talking to our neighbors and they asked me how she got it and I just said "I don't know", they then shook their heads and blamed the dog.  The funny thing was that the lady who asked me was lying on a bench while another lady picked through her head looking for lice!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

And we're back!
We finally have internet at our house now. Whoo hoo!

  In keeping with the birthday theme of the last two posts, these are pictures from a 1st birthday party we went to a while ago for a little boy from our church- it was quite the shindig.

Here he is on his throne by his cake table - check out the poster of him in the background.

 Compared to this, the turn out for Raquel's party was rather small;)
 One of the presents was wrapped in Shaun the Sheep paper and when Gideon saw it he grabbed it and wouldn't let it go.  They let him carry it around until we left.
 The birthday boy gave the first piece of cake to the youngest person at the party.  That turned out to be Roman!