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Monday, April 14, 2008

1 Raquel + 2 Ear infections = 3 weeks with a very cranky little girl

In these pictures she may seem very sweet, but I'll have you know that is not always the case:) Ten days ago we took Raquel to the emergency room at midnight because she was screaming and her ears were hurting her. They said she had an ear infection, gave us an antibiotic and sent us home and told us to follow up in ten days. I have been faithfully administering her medicine three times a day, but to no avail. Today we went to the doctor only to be told that both ears are still very infected, so now we have two new medicines to continue to give her for the next ten days. Unfortunately they don't taste as good as the bubblegum stuff, but she doesn't have to take them as often. When I told Raquel that she had to go to the doctor today she said "no monkeys on the bed":) She really likes that song.

Raquel kissing her friend Laken as Becca looks on jealously:)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

International Health and Wellness

This week we are having a class about International Health and Wellness. Yesterday we had three labs - taking blood pressure, using an otoscope and giving an injection. We had to practice on each other which was a little scary when it came to injections. However, the anticipation was the worst part (see my face in the second to the last picture:) and it ended up not hurting much at all. Yeah, actually we're pretty much pros now, anybody need a shot?