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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I put pants on her every morning, I promise!

School Daze

These are some pictures of Raquel in child care. They were actually able to get some where she's not pinching someone, or sitting on the naughty chair:)

This is our cute neighbor Laken and Raquel. I guess I need to have a talk with her about entertaining young men in her room. Especially when not wearing pants.

This is Raquel's crazy face that she makes often and then talks in a crazy deep man voice. Here she is excited about the goldfish she was eating (notice her orange teeth)

In our new apartment Raquel can open the screen door and go play outside by herself for short periods of time. She entertains herself by drawing with chalk, playing with her bucket and shovel and finding bugs to play with. She has to ask us before she can pick up any bugs. By the way, beware of grasshoppers - the other day I told her she could pick one up and then she accidently ripped its leg off. She was holding it up to me saying 'please put it on, please put it on' and then began shrieking in pain. The thing had bitten her finger! There was a drop of blood. I never had been close enough to a grasshopper to know they could bite, so consider yourself warned. Although it's possible that they won't bite you if you don't rip their legs off. I'd say it's a fair compromise:)

Taking a nap can be exhausting!

Another warning, this time for the deer. It's bow season, and Dylan and Logan are out there.

Raquel set this up yesterday and I told her to stay there to get a picture.

Today she put these pillows on the ground, laid down and said 'take a picture mommy' - so I did:)

Friday, September 12, 2008

"Just like Daddy":)

Dylan and I found this back pack at Target tonight. Raquel was very excited to be "just like Daddy!" She kept asking Dylan to put his back on:)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day weekend

Evan, Carrie and Lina came to visit us for the weekend. Lina was so cute and slept very nicely in the drawer from my dresser.

It was a beautiful weekend!

Lina loved the lake:) Raquel actually got in up to her knees this night, which is quite a big accomplishment for her.

On Saturday, our org sponsored the Kodiak event where they flew in the new plane that is now being used to bring supplies and transport missionaries on the field. There was lots of stuff for kids to do too. Poor Raquel had a rough time because she really wanted to go on the bouncy lion, but every time she started to go in, she chickened out. Even in the car she talked about how she wanted to jump in the lion.:)

She was a little less fearful of the fire truck, and actually wanted to stay, but we decided to let some of the older kids have a chance.

Carrie, Lina and the shiny new Kodiak

We went to watch Dylan and Evan play soccer at the gym so of course Raquel had to wear her hat. It was about 85 degrees and humid, so you wouldn't want her catching a cold!

I made a skirt for Raquel last week and had some material left over, so on Saturday night Carrie made one for Lina to wear on Sunday.

From our front door lookin' in

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Monday, September 1, 2008

Our new apartment at the MTC!

We moved! Just a few rows up and over:) Raquel is enjoying the new found freedom of being able to just walk out the door and play outside with her chalk, bubbles and new neighbors (although Ana, Haley, Laura and Matt are sorely missed!). She's not allowed to go up on the road, but enjoys pushing the limits and walks to the top of the stairs and jumps down.

Dylan next to the fire pit he made.

Here is our new place.

Raquel likes to draw all the members of our family with chalk. They are very flattering portraits:)

Dylan and our friend Logan made this swing at the woodshop. Raquel loves it, and I like that it's so close to our house.