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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Gideon's Birthday

Well, poor Gideon... Dylan left to go interior for a week on May 3rd so we just told him that it was his birthday on Thursday.  He didn't care and we got to go to the mall and get a doughnut so he was thrilled! (this picture is proof that he did have clothes on for part of the day)
 The worst part was the cake.  Usually the cakes in bakeries here are lovely creations- frosted and decorated so beautifully they're just asking you to take a bite...and then you do and realize it's actually a sponge covered in colored and slightly sweetened lard.  I had heard that there was a hotel in the same city as the mall that made decent tasting cakes  (for here) so I was going to buy one instead of making another cake that week.  However, we found out you have to order them ahead of time so, when we stopped the afternoon of his 'birthday', we couldn't get one.  This is why he's standing in front of a tupperware container with the remaining pieces of Raquel's cake from the day before.  At least he got his own 'number 3' candle:)
and again, he didn't care.

 So excited about a car from Daddy and Mommy!
 I love the facial expressions!
 Inside the box of the car was a pamphlet with pictures of other cars.  Score!
 Hot wheels tracks from Grandpa and Grandma!
Dylan likes them just as much as Gideon.

Well, it wasn't glamorous, but our sweet guy turned three!  Happy Birthday Gideon, we love you big boy! (next year I'll make you a cake:)

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Raquel's 7th Birthday!

May 1st, Raquel Ariana turned 7 years old.  I want to blame the backwards seven on her since she put it in the cake, but I'm the one that took several pictures of her and didn't notice until my friend pointed it out- oops.  She had some friends over that afternoon for a little party.
 She planned everything out.  First they colored pictures.  The girls were supposed to draw horses and the boys were instructed to draw boats, but they rebelled.
 Cake and ice cream.  We switched the 7:)
 I love this picture.  Poor Roman:)
 She had lots of fun opening presents.

 and then they played some games.

 Happy Birthday Raquel!! We love you very much!