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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pics of Raquel and one of something entirely different

All ready for a neighborhood wedding (we need to get her some nice shoes. Her feet have grown so much since we've been here!)

Going on a date with Daddy to eat ice cream and color.

Getting ready for rainy season
In other news, a baby cicak met it's untimely demise on our front door jamb. He went unnoticed for sometime, until the other day one of our pembantus spotted his rather well preserved skeleton. Unfortunately I have no sympathy- there are twenty more to take his place

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Our little fish

Raquel has always been scared of water. A couple months ago she fell into the deep end of the pool which didn't help matters. Since that time she would refuse to even let us hold her in the deepend, let alone try to swim by herself (with water wings). We kept trying to encourage her to try it out. Last Sunday before we went to the pool (our Sunday afternoon tradition) Raquel told me that she was going to let me hold her in the big pool. I didn't think she really would, but told her I was happy anyway:) Right before we left for the pool I was looking at my sister Kristen's blog and we saw a video of my niece, Mya, swimming. Inspired by this, Raquel again resolved to go into the big pool that afternoon.

Much to our surprise, she did it! -and hasn't looked back:)

Picinc in a pine forest

A couple Saturday's ago, our small group drove about an hour up our nearby mountain for a picnic. It was a beautiful day. The kids played really well together while the adults talked, ate (of course:) and enjoyed the cool air, scenery and sunshine:)