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Monday, May 26, 2008

The Beach!

Welcome back Raquel - we missed you!

Last night was the first time Raquel would talk to Wesley

This morning we went to the beach and Raquel played in the sand and actually put her feet in the ocean! This was huge because before she would scream and cry if we tried to get her anywhere near the water. When we got home she actually asked to go back to the beach. Daddy was so happy:)

My sickos

On Tuesday, the night before we left for CA, Raquel got sick and was throwing up and having diarrhea until Sunday. She's been sleeping most of the days, just lying around and not talking at all (VERY unlike her:) Today (Monday) is the first day she's back to her normal self. Dylan got it on Friday and is now starting to feel better. We have four days left, so hopefully everyone will stay healthy the rest of the time!

San Diego Zoo

Waiting out the rain... Poor Raquel was so tired. She slept a lot of the time.