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Sunday, October 10, 2010


This weekend was full of firsts. Dylan preached in our church for the first time (in Asia-Pacific language!:). Unfortunately I couldn't be there because the morning before something happened to my neck when I sneezed and I still can't move it very well without pain. (that was a (unwelcome) first for me:)
After successfully delivering his sermon, Dylan returned home and we decided to go to out for brunch. Because of my aforementioned neck issue I couldn't carry Gideon in the front carrier, so, for the FIRST TIME, Dylan did.

Well... the other day I heard a little noise coming from this young man so I quickly undid his diaper and held him over the toilet. It actually worked which was wonderful because we are using cloth diapers and they're great except for about once a day when I have the 'privilege' of washing out a 'soiled' one:)
Isn't he adorable?