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Friday, November 20, 2009

Singing in the Rain

Well rainy season has definitely begun. Almost every day we have at least a couple hours of torrential downpour. Here are some pictures of Raquel and I during one of the first storms. The novelty has worn off now, especially today since I forgot to put my poncho in my bike before school and got drenched on the way home, but I am very thankful for the cooler temperatures the rain has brought.

After riding her bike in the back yard after a rain storm, the wheels on Raquel's bike were too muddy to be allowed in the house. We gave her a hose and a scrub brush and she was entertained for over an hour:)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Field Trip

Last Friday Raquel's school went on a field trip. One parent was required to go, so I tagged along to her first field trip to Taman Kelinci or Rabbit Park. There actually were some real rabbits in cages, but the main attraction, I think, is a playground and type of ropes course for kids complete with a zip line. The sheet Raquel brought home said to bring a drink, snack, change of clothes and shower supplies. At the last minute I threw a change of clothes in my bag trying to imagine why she would need them.

When we first arrived I noticed some water buffalo cooling off in the river behind the park. Little did I know that those very same creatures would play a critical role in the days events...

We started the morning off by sitting with all the other kids and parents and singing some songs, then the kids separated into their classes and went off to play some games. (Raquel's the last one in the line (the white one:)).
Ropes/obstacle course
After the games and a snack, the powers that be began explaining our next activity. I was listening very intently to try and understand our instructions. My language isn't that great and when I thought I heard the words 'memandikan kerbau' (give the water buffalo a bath), I thought I must be mistaken. However, soon after that everyone got up and marched down the hill to the river. Plastic cups were handed to all the children and an assembly line of teachers formed to shuttle the kids back and forth across the dirty water to the water buffalo so they could throw water on them. Unfortunately, the buffalo were not entirely thrilled at the prospect of thirty 3 year olds using them as target practice and didn't cooperate all that well and kept running away (can you blame them). Raquel was afraid to go across and wanted me to go with so I tried. The video below this post shows how close we got, but the buffalo got away.
She did, however, get to ride on a bamboo raft with her teacher and other classmates.
After that, I realized why we were supposed to bring an extra set of clothes. The kids were soaked with the filthy river water, so we went back to the park, all the kids stripped off their clothes and, using the water provided in the blue barrels and a hose, proceeded to 'memandikan' themselves:)
A fun (and interesting) day:)