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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We've been living SIMPLY!!

The Class: Practical Skills / Simple Living

The Description: an introduction to various practical skills needed for life and ministry in contexts where our org generally works.

The Rules:
1. Trips off campus are limited to class assignments, emergencies, and
attending church or doing ministry.
2. Limit use of water and power during this time. Turn off lights at 9PM.
Use alternative battery powered light if needed or go to bed.
3. Don’t use microwaves, dishwashers or televisions.
4. Limit e-mail, face book, etc. to maximum of ½ hr. total per day per family.
5. Limit internet access to assigned homework or crucial financial
or legal business.
6. Limit long distance telephone time to 1 hour a week.
7. Follow scratch cooking guidelines and execute meal plans.
8. Participate in the assigned 2 night outing (the outing will be cancelled if
the 2 instructors deem the weather adverse). The event is voluntary
for moms and children.

We had lots of fires after the lights went out, also some sewing parties and games of speed scrabble.

I made noodles that actually were really good.
Dylan participated in the class bread making exercise.

Didn't he do a great job?!!

We learned about boats, motorcycles, small engines, building, chainsaws and all sorts of other things.

Here we are sharpening the chainsaws.

And then I just decided to go and cut down a tree:)
Actually, after I made the cut, the guys went to push it over, and it was so dead that it came up by the roots.:)

Raquel enjoying buckets of fall leaves

Homemade marshmallows- not too bad, but definitely not Jet puffed.

And last but not least,


Last weekend as part of our "Practical Skills" class we went on a camping trip. Now I've been camping before, but always using a tent. This weekend we could not bring tents and had to carry in everything that we needed on our backs on a mile long hike. Dylan went ahead of us and set up a very nice shelter out of tarps and an accomodating tree. Raquel and I came a few hours later with the rest of our stuff and supper. We made campfire stew in foil packets with chicken, carrots, onion, potatoes and cream of chicken soup. It turned out really well - of course we also roasted marshmallows! Well we went to bed around 10pm all bundled up in many layers of clothing, blankets and sleeping bags. Raquel lay down and proceeded to move around and talk loudly. She was in a goofy mood (probably because she was sleeping with us- a first for her.) She started saying "Daddy! I eat poop! hahahahha she thought she was hilarious. Unfortunately, we were not the only people camping and right next to us were our neighbors from school, the Tealls with their 11 month old son Laken. I didn't want her to wake him up, so we tried to get her to whisper to no avail. She slept for approximately 20 min. and then woke up and said "I want milk." I had brought powdered milk, but she declared it to be 'yucky milk' and would not give up asking for milk. By the way, it was now about 12:00 am and 40 degrees outside. I was freezing and knew that she was not going to be quiet without disciplinary action which would make her louder before she got quiet, so we opted to leave. Dylan hiked back to the car with us through the woods and then went back to the shelter. Thankfully we had good flashlights and Dylan knew the way. I would have been wandering all night if I was by myself. Raquel and I slept soundly at home for the rest of the night and joined Dylan on Saturday for the afternoon and supper. It was a fun attempt at camping:)

Dylan built himself a bed for his second night.