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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fun with Oupa and Ouma

We're back in Missouri, but before we left we had to say goodbye to some very special people!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Milwaukee County Zoo

Today Dylan came with us to the zoo this morning. We went in San Diego, but Raquel was sick and slept most of the time.

She HAD to push the stroller!

"look at the big rock" (she was much more excited about the rock than the Siberian tiger:)
When we saw the the lions she said "please open door". She wanted to play with them!

Kinderburg Park

Feeling the wind blow

We met Ouma for lunch at work

We've been staying at my parents house while they are in Florida, and Raquel and Lucy have been having a wonderful time together. Yesterday morning, Raquel was taking a bath in the upstairs bathroom when the phone rang, and I went to answer it. When I got back, Raquel wasn't there, so I walked downstairs to this sight. She had left the bathtub and brought two towels down to wrap up herself and Lucy:)


Dylan and I were able to go to Chicago last week while my mom watched Raquel.
We watched The Dark Knight at the IMAX at Navy Pier in the afternoon
and then walked around the rest of the day, enjoying each other's company:)
It was a fun day!

View from the Sear's Tower

At Union Station

We got a free ride on a trolley named Lydia:)

We watched an orchestra practicing at Millenium Park

Buckingham Fountain at Grant's park