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Monday, March 31, 2008

Car Broken!

That's how Raquel describes what you see here. She does not yet know the word "totaled". Yesterday I (Angie) was driving as we headed out to take back a movie and go to Wal-Mart (of course). It was raining, and as we began to go around a sharp curve, another vehicle was coming around the other way. I tapped on the brakes and they locked and we slid into the side of the other car (it was a large work van). Although we no longer have our car, we have much to be thankful for. No one was hurt. (my nose is just a little sore from the airbag.) There was just one man in the van, and he was fine and very nice to us. At first Raquel was screaming, but she calmed down in just a few minutes. Friends from school stopped just minutes after it happened and helped direct traffic and let Raquel and I sit in their van. They stayed and helped until everything was over. I got a ticket and our car is totaled, but our insurance will cover all the damages to the van. Today we dropped off the title of our car at the towing place, got our license plates and said 'goodbye' to our little red car that served us so well for almost 5 years:) Well anyways, we are praising the Lord that everything happened according to His plan and timing. oh, another thing that we are thankful for is that we were not hit by a tornado today. One touched down town 30 miles south of us and there has been a lot of damage and reports of people trapped inside buildings, so we can be praying for them. It puts just losing a car into perspective I guess.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Raquel's favorite stuffed animal is her bunny named 'Buddy' this morning she put her shoe on buddy and thought herself quite hilarious. The other day she put Buddy in her chair at the table to eat lunch and then put her baby doll on the naughty chair (high stool). Again, she was very amused with herself and told me that "baby was naughty":)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

We had a gorgeous weekend!

Right now there is a flash flood warning and tomorrow we are supposed to have a high of 35 degrees, BUT this weekend was beautiful with 75 degree temps. We got to grill out, go on the swings, take walks and motorcycle rides!