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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fun Weekend!

On Thursday night Evan, Carrie, Tonya and Lydia came to visit until Sunday. Tonya and Lydia slept in our living room and Carrie and Even were able to stay in our neighbors apartment, since they are gone for six weeks.
It was so nice to see everyone and especially play Liver Pool Rummy:) While they were here, the girls went to the Mennonite stores, shopping at the outlet mall, made apple pie and potato soup, watched multiple episodes of the Office and went hiking at Ha Ha Tonka state park. The boys got to go fishing and ride motorcyles. We can't wait until Everyone is together at Thanksgiving!

Raquel got a couple days off from the nursery while her aunts doted on her:) As you can tell, she really liked having them here.

I didn't get very many pictures, (Tonya has all of the good ones on her camera) but this one is my favorite:)

Monday, October 22, 2007

What's Cookin'?

Would anyone care for some potty chair soup? Just so you know, this has never been used for it's intended purpose. We put it out so Raquel could get used to the idea of potty training. So far she just likes to push it around and take out the middle piece to pretend she's cooking:)

Raquel is also obsessed with shoes. She loves her mini crocks, and enjoys taking them on and off countless times throughout the day. Here she's trying on my flip flops.

Friday was Lydia's 17th Birthday:) and so Raquel wore the outfit that Aunt Lydia bought for her last year in her honor.

So her bangs need a little help, but I think she's pretty cute:)