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Monday, August 31, 2009

Mount Andong

On Saturday morning Raquel went to one of our pembantu's house to play and Dylan and I joined some people from our school for a hike up a nearby mountain. It was a little more intense than I had expected (an hour and a half going straight up and 45 minutes down) and I'm still feeling it in my very out of shape legs and blistered feet:) but it was fun and the view was gorgeous.

On the way to the trail we were quite the attraction for the locals who kept asking us to take their 'portrait':)
getting higher...
almost there...
this 'house' was actually a burial site for an important religious leader
and we made it!


Tirzah said...

Wow!!!! what a fantastic sight. I think that is a little too high for me. How did the down trip go?

Lucas and Naomi Smith said...

Wow! What an amazing hike and view! A beautiful area! Do you remember hiking mountain trails in CO? smiles.