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Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Roman loves his friend Apa

Raquel and Gideon were exploring-silly kiddos
We have no way to watch TV so Dylan would download the highlights of the World Cup games and watch them after the fact.
The Stokes have moved in now and Eden and Raquel were doing their makeup.  Oh dear.

Dylan put the kids to work crushing his 9 month collection of Coke cans.
Eventually the eye shadow was used over her entire face plus the Dem kids gave her some of the leaves they use to paint themselves.
Roman reading in a basket
We had a party for the World Cup final.  I stayed of Facebook for a couple days while we waited for the match to download and then we ate yummy snacks and the guys watched the game while the girls talked and watched the kids :)

The Dem kids love to use markers.  Every few days we bring out paper and markers and let them color.  They color on the paper, their arms and I even saw a girl with all purple teeth one day :)
One night Roman very diligently cleaned up after supper.  After the table he wiped down the benches and chairs and then started scrubbing the floor. 
Raquel and Bome

They love to see the pictures we take of them.

Roman hiking home
Carrots from our garden!


Holly said...

Thanks for the great pictures! How did the carrots taste??

Kristen said...

The makeup reminds me of the time we used the lipstick all over our faces:)

Tirzah Van Rensburg said...

Love all the pictures. Everybody is so busy and your veggie garden is now flourishing - lovely.

Carrie Spor said...

The picture with the make up all over reminds me of the picture with the green frosting all over:)

Laura said...

I love these pictures! Don't know why I haven't checked your blog more recently but this is just a great window into your life and into your kids' hilarious personalities ha ha! We miss you guys, all the time!