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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June- we got home!

 On June 3rd we finally got back home!  We were so excited to get back.  

 The rain bugs were also excited to have us back.  They were everywhere!
 In this picture I had tried to sweep them into a pile, but they're not all dead so many of them are crawling away as I'm sweeping them up.
 Check your cup before you take a drink!

There was still a little bit of work left to do on the airstrip, so Dylan got to work right away.

In town we got this little light, so we've been enjoying some dance parties:)

These perler beads were almost as annoying as the rain bugs ;)
Look at that tongue :)
The boys made a see saw.  They were saying "see-saw"  over and over and the Dem kids were copying them.

Dylan was given some traditional menswear and the people had fun dressing him up one day.
Some Dem guys had been stranded out in another town when the airstrip was closed and they were finally able to fly back in as well.  It's always exciting when a plane lands.
Cute boys!
Recently the people had a harvest of corn.  They roast it right in the fire so it becomes pretty black on the outside, but doesn't taste too bad.  Roman loves it and goes up to people and asks them for it.  When this lady gave us some, Raquel said she was going to save it and put some butter and salt on it at home :) 
We've been letting Raquel stay up a little later than the boys at night and we've designated Wednesday as 'Game Night'.  She takes it very seriously.  Here she set up Rummikub, Skip-Bo and Dutch Blitz.
Bend City Church purchased this stove for us at Christmas time.  My parents were able to bring it in their luggage and we've been enjoying nice warm fires during the chilly evenings.
hanging out in the yard
Raquel stirring the chocolate pudding for Father's Day

Dylan was able to relax on Father's Day and have all the little people who make him a father cheering him on in his Xbox races :)
Raquel and Gideon got a turn.  Poor Roman didn't get a chair :)
The day after Father's Day was Dylan's birthday so we got to spend two days celebrating him.
Happy Birthday Dylan!!!
Raquel used one of her birthday presents on her brothers.
She was pretty jealous that the color showed up so well in Gideon's blond hair and not in hers.
Raquel came running in one day saying I just had to see something.  She had dressed up our goat, Miss Molly.
She put socks on her back legs.
She also put scarves around her neck.  She said "She looks like a girl from the movies."  I have no idea which movies she might be referring to, but it was pretty funny.
The kids love to play with the wheelbarrow!

I liked this boy's pink jacket :)
This is one way to get across the mud.
Good to have friends that help.
The kids love to watch Wild Kratts, a PBS show about animals.  I made these "Creature Power Suits" like they wear on the show.  It's hilarious listening to them talk about it.
Dylan and some of the Dem guys went to cut some wood for the fence by our house.  It makes me a little nervous, but everyone came away with everything intact.
Here the kids are checking out a (dead) green tree python as our partner's cassowary bird looks on.
Miss Molly walked up the ladder by herself.
Love this boy who loves to play
Raquel found a butterfly!


Holly said...

Fabulous pictures! Thanks a billion.

Carrie Spor said...

that pile of bugs made my skin crawl!